Ailene Chan 陳若芊

  • Scholarship in 2022 at California Institute of Technology

About Ailene Yeuk Chin Chan’s work

Ailene Yeuk Chin Chan is researching human cognition and behaviour, with a particular focus on multi-sensory processing in the tactile-visual domain. Chan is investigating cross-modal interactions using psychophysical techniques as well as probing into the underlying neural mechanisms from a microscopic level (single unit recording) to a macroscopic level (whole brain imaging), with a potential application in advancing sensory substitution devices.


Ailene Yeuk Chin Chan is a PhD student in computation and neural systems at California Institute of Technology. She earned a BSocSc in Neuroscience and Psychology (First Class Honours) at University of Hong Kong. She completed her thesis under the Undergraduate Research Fellowship Programme. She was a D. H. Chen Scholar and was awarded the Hong Kong University Alumni Prizes, Y.K. Pao Scholarship in Psychology, and Lilian Poon Memorial Scholarship.