Cheng Yi Fei 鄭一飛

  • Scholarship in 2022 at Carnegie Mellon University

About Yi Fei Cheng’s work

Yi Fei Cheng is a technical human-computer interaction researcher who is enabling technology and computational approaches to advance our capabilities when interacting with the digital world. His research focuses on making Mixed Reality adaptive to its usage context.

Mixed Reality refers to technologies that integrate digital information into reality through a see-through display. It promises a rich set of applications, ranging from education to medicine. But adaptivity is a challenge as current devices either lack an understanding of their usage context or fail to leverage this information to effectively customise the display of digital elements to serve a complementary purpose. Cheng’s research addresses this challenge from two perspectives — designing computational models for adapting the contents of Mixed Reality applications based on contextual information, and building toolkits to support others in creating and evaluating context-aware Mixed Reality applications.

Cheng work will support more meaningful combinations of the virtual and real. His research will enable the contents of Mixed Reality applications to adapt to different environment conditions, as well as external and internal user states. Additionally, by supporting others in creating and evaluating Mixed Reality applications, he hopes to empower people from diverse perspectives to engage in its creation, thereby enhancing Mixed Reality user experiences as a whole. By enriching Mixed Reality experiences for end-users and enabling more content creators to be involved in its creation, Cheng’s work can induce a paradigm shift in how we interact with digital information and enable us to more naturally and expressively interact with the digital information through our environment, bodies, and minds.


Yi Fei Cheng is a PhD student in the Augmented Perception Lab at the Human-Computer Interaction Institute at Carnegie Mellon University. He received his BA in Computer Science at Swarthmore College.