Emmy Tsang

  • Scholarship in 2016 at European Molecular Biology Laboratory, Italy

Emmy obtained her masters and bachelor degrees in Natural Sciences from Churchill College, University of Cambridge. During her undergraduate studies, she became interested in neuroscience, particularly in understanding how brain circuits are formed and organised. In her final year at Cambridge she studied systems biology, which exposed her to a more holistic approach of understanding complex biological systems, and to the power of big data. She began her PhD work in Italy in 2014, at the European Molecular Biology Laboratory Mouse Biology Unit, under the supervision of Dr. Cornelius Gross.


Her PhD project looks at how innate fear is processed in the brain, focusing mainly on the periaqueductal grey, a midbrain structure known to be important for instinctive behaviours. Using a combination of mouse genetics, viral tracing and behavioural assaying techniques, she hopes to understand how the periaqueductal grey integrates information from upstream brain regions to produce the appropriate behavioural output.