Fong Wing Ping

  • Scholarship in 1985 at Chinese University of Hong Kong
  • Studentship in 1983 at Chinese University of Hong Kong

Professor Fong got all his degrees from The Chinese University of Hong Kong, first the BSc in 1983, and then the PhD in 1987.  After that, he worked in Harvard Medical School for two years before he returned to Hong Kong and re-joined Chinese University in 1989.  He started as a lecturer in the Department of Biochemistry.  A few years ago, the Biochemistry department merged with the Biology department to form the School of Life Sciences.  He is now working as a professor at the School.  At the same time, he also serves as the Head of Chung Chi College,  one of the nine colleges at Chinese University.   


In collaboration with Prof. Dennis KP Ng (Chemistry, CUHK), they are studying the anti-tumor effects of novel photosensitizers.  Their photodynamic activities and the biochemical mechanisms, especially the immune response triggered, are studied in both cell culture system and mouse models. 

In collaboration with Prof. Paul WK Tsang (THEi), they are also working on the yeast system.  They are studying the anti-fungal agents.  They are also trying to engineer the yeast for the production of pharmaceutically important products.