Ivan Sham

  • Fellowship in 2004 at Free University of Berlin

Dr. Ivan Sham is Chief Commercial Officer (CCO) cum R&D Director of Construction at NAMI, a HK government funded R&D institute on advanced materials. As CCO, Dr. Ivan Sham oversees the applications and impact of the corporate level of NAMI technologies, strategic collaboration with the industries and various government departments. As R&D Director,  he is leading a team of 35 scientists and professional engineers focusing on advanced cementitious materials, polymeric materials and structural analysis with PhD in materials science, chemistry, engineering, etc. 

- Innovation management and product commercialization from applied research on construction & building materials;

- Establish collaborations with universities, research institutes, and local industries. 

Dr. Sham is also a scholar & inventor with over 50 publications in peer reviewed international journals and conferences, and over 15 granted patents in US/China. His research interests include nanocomposites, numerical simulation by finite element method, biomechanics. Dr. Sham was a full time visiting assistant professor for one year and part time lecturer for 3 semesters at his alma mater. 

Dr. Sham has received a number of awards for his team and individual, including:

Awards to the Teams under Dr. Sham

- Geo-Insulator (Grand Award & Gold Medal, Asian Invention)

- Antibacterial Dust-free Air Duct by Waterborne Nano-coating (Geneva Gold Award)

- Innovative Capsule Technology for Producing High-performance Lightweight Cellular Concrete (Innovation Award, Construction Industry Council, HK)

- Capsule technology for high performance concrete (Geneva Gold Award)

- Nano modified ultra flexible waterproof coating (Geneva Silver Award)

- VOC-free Thermal Insulation Coating (HK Green Innovation Award)

- Advanced foamed concrete technology (HK Green Innovation Award)

- HKICT Award (Silver Award, Self powered temperature sensor)

- HKICT Award (Bronze Award, Tire pressure monitoring system for electric bus)

Individual awards

- Outstanding Alumni, Department of Mechanical Engineering, HKUST

- Leadership Program for Innovative Engineers, Nissan Science Foundation

- Postdoctorate Scholarship, Croucher Foundation/DAAD

- Postdoctoral fellowship, HKUST

- Doctorate Scholarship, Sir Edward Youde Memorial Fund

- Postgraduate Scholarship, HKUST


In 2019, Dr. Sham is leading a 2 years large scaled flagship research project on Modular integrated Construction (MiC) technology in Hong Kong in which the project involves 5 government departments/council, 4 industries, 4 universities/research institutes. This project will develop next-gen lightweight high strength construction steel-concrete materials technologies, structural designs in module/connections/super structure, full scaled module testing, guidelines drafting and design submission. The project duration is from mid-2019 to mid-2021.

Dr Sham is now Fellow of the Institute of Materials, Minerals and Mining (IOM3), and the council member of IOM3-HK Chapter.