Joseph Wong 黃祖彥

  • Croucher Cambridge International Scholarship in 2016 at University of Cambridge

Joseph completed his PhD in the Cambridge Analytical Biotechnology Group with Professor Lisa Hall at the University of Cambridge in 2021. He aims at better understanding Alzheimer’s disease and hypoxia by improving sensing and modelling techniques. Being involved in a collaborative project with the Cambridge Stem Cells Institute, he modelled and developed a cortical brain microchannel model to investigate local infarcts and white matter dysfunction. Prior to coming to Cambridge he finished his BEng in Medical Engineering (First Class Honours) in the University of Hong Kong in 2015 which included a secondment to the United States of America. During his undergraduate studies he was a member of Prof. Barbara Chan's laboratory in which he focused on stem cell based technology, cell signals and tissue engineering. 

Joseph's research interest is to advance methodology and tools for understanding biological questions, with particular interests in electrochemistry, computer modelling, mathematical modelling, stem cell based technology and advanced imaging techniques. In his free time, he enjoys reading, cycling, rowing and photography. 


Joseph is now involved in a collaborative project with the Philippines group. The project aims at developing low cost point of care device for detecting Malaria, Leptospirosis and other diseases for resource limited settings. Combining manufacturing techniques and protein engineering, the device will be clinically trialled in the field in Philippines. 

Joseph Wong was featured in a Croucher news article. Read here: Exploring the connection between hypoxia and Alzheimer’s disease