Lucas Tsun Yin Leung 梁浚彥

  • Oxford Croucher Scholarships in 2022 at University of Oxford

About Lucas Tsun Yin Leung’s work

Lucas Tsun Yin Leung’s research in theoretical and mathematical physics is focused on AdS-CFT correspondence and mirror symmetry. The AdS-CFT correspondence is a conjectured relationship between quantum gravity and quantum field theory that allows physicists to calculate non-perturbative regimes on either side of the correspondence by drawing an analogy on the more mathematically tractable regime on the other side.

The correspondence was first proposed by Maldacena (1997) and has since been a hotly debated topic in theoretical physics. The application of the correspondence to nuclear physics and condensed matter physics is still poorly understood and generalisations of the correspondence have been slow and difficult.

Mirror Symmetry is the relationship between Calabi-Yau manifolds in algebraic geometry. It is also an example of a duality problem as described above. The aim of such theories is to explore mathematically the reason for the prevalence of duality symmetries in physics, and to provide a rigorous fundamental framework to study supersymmetric field theories using corresponding string theories.


Lucas Tsun Yin Leung is a PhD student in Physics at the University of Oxford. He received his undergraduate degree from the Department of Physics (Cavendish Laboratory) and his master's at Department of Applied Mathematics and Theoretical Physics at University of Cambridge, where he was awarded a Senior Scholarship, Normal Falcon Prize and Prince Philip Scholarship.