Wing Fung Leung 梁穎鋒

  • Scholarship in 2022 at University of Sussex

About Wing Fung Leung’s work

Wing Fung Leung is a particle physicist who is using a composite Higgs model to connect flavour anomalies to unification.

A composite Higgs model based on an SO(11)-symmetric strong sector enables a successful unification of gauge couplings, and additionally allows for a composite leptoquark with the exciting prospect of accommodating the B-physics anomalies.

Leung’s research aims to formulate a flavour theory on top of this construction which can quantitatively explain the observed fermion masses and mixings, and to study the salient features of its flavour and collider phenomenologies. The project provides scope for extension, including to other strong sector symmetry groups.


Wing Fung Leung is a PhD student in the Theoretical Particle Physics group at the University of Sussex. He did his undergraduate degree in Physics and earned his Master of Mathematical and Theoretical Physics (MMathPhys) with Distinction at the University of Oxford.