LM Chu 朱利民

  • Scholarship in 1984 at University of Liverpool

Prof LM Chu has retired from CUHK as an Adjunct Associate Professor at the School of Life Sciences. 

Prof Chu graduated from Ecology, The University of Liverpool for his PhD in 1988. He is genuinely interested in applied ecology and environmental management.  His research areas include restoration ecology, slope ecology, urban ecology and pollution studies, and his teaching specialisms are environmental biology and biotechnology, conservation biology, applied botany and applied ecology.  He served for many years in the Biology Subject Committee of the Hong Kong Examinations Authority and the Curriculum Development Council (ED), as well as the Environment and Conservation Fund (EPD).  He was the Chairman and Vice Chairman of the Institute of Biology, Hong Kong Branch, and is the founding member and executive council member of the Hong Kong Institute of Horticultural Science.