Ng Cheuk Nga Athena 伍琸雅

  • Scholarship in 2023 at The University of Manchester

About Cheuk Nga Athena Ng’s work

Cheuk Nga Athena Ng is an astrophysicist whose research field is the application of machine learning to investigations of the first galaxies.

Ng’s current research focuses on the formation and evolution of galaxies. With the huge amount of data from large satellite projects like EUCLID, Ng's research aims to develop new machine-learning methods that determine the correlation between observable parameters and the assembled history of these galaxies from these data. She also hopes to classify the newly discovered galaxies into different catalogues and further investigate how they map the whole universe.


Cheuk Nga Athena Ng graduated from King’s College London with first-class honours in her BSc in Physics with Astrophysics and Cosmology in 2022. In 2023, she obtained her MSc from Imperial College. She is currently pursuing her PhD studies and research at the University of Manchester.