Ng Tai Kai 吳大琪教授

  • Senior Research Fellowship in 2002 at Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
Professor Ng Tai Kai is distinguished for his contribution to theoretical condensed matter physics. Professor Ng received his BSc degree from the University of Hong Kong in 1981. He completed his PhD degree at Northwestern University in1987. He joined the Physics Department of HKUST in 1991 and was appointed as Associate Dean of Science in 2004.


Professor Ng's main research interests include theoretical condensed matter physics and statistical physics, including disordered systems, quantum transport, strongly correlated metals, quantum spin liquids and unconventional superconductors. Professor Ng also participates actively in Hong Kong's secondary and primary school education. He was a member of the Chief Executive’s Task Force on Review of School Curriculum and is now the Chairperson of the Committee on STEAM Education, Curriculum Development Council. His recent interests move to the field of AI and Education, and is researching on how AI can help assessment of students' mindset and skills