Tsui Yan Lok Enoch 徐恩樂

  • Fellowship in 2023 at University of Tokyo

About Enoch Yan Lok Tsui’s work

Enoch Yan Lok Tsui is a physicist specialising in atmospheric physics. His current area of research is on the mechanisms and factors controlling the “seafall” re-intensification of tropical cyclones.

Tsui’s research looks at the process of tropical cyclones (TCs) making landfall, then re-entering the ocean and potentially re-intensifying before making another landfall elsewhere. This process, known as “seafall”, is not well-studied in TC research.

The research carried out by Tsui aims to analyse the statistics of seafalling TCs, investigate factors that affect their re-intensification rate, explore possible mechanisms for their re-intensification, and study the behaviour of TCs that have experienced overland maintenance and intensification prior to seafall. By understanding these factors, Tsui aims to improve our prediction of seafalling TC behaviour and their impact at the next landfall, which can help with risk mitigation.


Enoch Yan Lok Tsui graduated with first-class honours in physics (International Research Enrichment Track), with research components in applied statistical mechanics in finance, and the foundations of quantum mechanics, from the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology in 2017. He went on to complete an MPhil in physics on the foundations of quantum mechanics at the same institution in 2019. Following that, he carried out his PhD studies in atmospheric physics at Imperial College London and collaborated with the Hong Kong Observatory, graduating in 2023. Some of the awards and scholarships Tsui received whilst at the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology include: an Academic Achievement Medal, a Lee Hysan Overseas Scholarship for International Research Enrichment Students and a Paul Ching Wu Chu Scholarships for Physics Students. From early 2024, he plans to pursue his postdoctoral research at the Atmosphere and Ocean Research Institute, The University of Tokyo, with the support of a Croucher Fellowship.