Wai Kwun Rossa Chiu

  • Senior Medical Research Fellowship in 2016 at Chinese University of Hong Kong

Dr Rossa Chiu received her medical degree at the University of Queensland in Australia, and her PhD at The Chinese University of Hong Kong. She is a Fellow of the Royal College of Pathologists of Australasia, the Hong Kong College of Pathologists, and the Hong Kong Academy of Medicine (Pathology). Dr Chiu has published over 140 peer-reviewed research articles and has 170 granted patents, as well as a number of awards for her research. She is currently the Choh-Ming Li Professor of Chemical Pathology and Assistant Dean of Research in the Faculty of Medicine at The Chinese University of Hong Kong, and was awarded a Croucher Senior Medical Research Fellowship.


Chiu plans to further her plasma-based diagnostic research to maximise pathological information extraction from each sample. By pushing tests’ sensitivity to squeeze more clinical information from chromosomal abnormalities, tissue mapping, and other signals, she hopes to lay the foundation for cost-effective and accessible tests for early cancer detection. Chiu is keen to emphasise the importance of focusing on better diagnostics. Several major cancers are usually detected in later stages, but proactive screening and earlier detection could mean better understanding of cancer behaviours and lifesaving progress in cancer treatment.