Weijun Yuan 袁偉俊

  • Scholarship in 2020 at Columbia University
Weijun will obtain his BSc in Physics from Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST) and join Columbia University for Ph.D. in Physics in 2020 Fall. At HKUST, he worked on neural dynamics in year 1. Later, He joined Prof. Gyu-Boong Jo's group working on building apparatus on cooling and trapping erbium atoms. In year 3 Spring, he studied at Columbia University as an exchange student and continued to stay at Columbia as a research intern in year 3 summer. He worked on creation of ultracold NaCs during the summer.

At Columbia University, he will work on quantum simulation with ultracold NaCs. NaCs molecules has dipole-dipole interaction which is long-range and anisotropic, providing an ideal platform to investigate novel quantum phases of strong-correlated system. The project aims to directly observe the quantum phase transitions between superfluid and dipolar crystal and study the properties of the crystals in the quantum regime.