Chak Kui (Marco) Wong 黃澤鉅

  • University of Oxford Croucher Scholarship in 2019 at University of Oxford

Marco Wong is now pursuing his DPhil in Physical and Theoretical Chemistry at the University of Oxford, under the supervision of Professor Jonathan Doye. He is a recipient of the University of Oxford Croucher Scholarship and the Clarendon Scholarship. He graduated with a BSc in Chemistry from the Chinese University of Hong Kong in 2019.

Marco is interested in the computational modelling of DNA nanotechnology. Through coarse-grained molecular dynamics (MD) simulations, he investigates the structural and thermodynamic properties of DNA origamis, a class of nano-structures that can be constructed by folding DNA strands with programmed sequences. He aims to utilise DNA origamis to study biomimetic self-limiting assembly, where identical subunits assemble into higher order structures with well-defined dimensions.


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