Wu Chi 吳奇教授

  • Senior Research Fellowship in 2001 at Chinese University of Hong Kong

Professor WU Chi (Qi) is Wei Lun Professor Emeritus of Chemistry and Honorary Professor of Physics at the Chinese University of Hong Kong. Professor Wu is a leading expert in macromolecular science, especially in polymer physics and using laser light scattering (LLS) to study macromolecular solutions, and he is distinguished for his significant contributions in profound understanding of conformation, dynamics and phase transition of macro- molecular chains in solutions. First and foremost his observation of the coil-to-globule and the coil-to-stretching transitions of a single polymer chain and demonstration of the molten globular state have been recognized as a landmark in polymer science. Professor Wu was elected as an Fellow of American physical society in 1999 and as an Academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences in 2003. (2001/2002)


Professor Wu’s research combines "synthetic chemistry, polymer physics and molecular biology" to design and execute decisive experiments to answer important questions in macromolecules, colloids and biology. Specifically, his research interests include development of non-viral polymeric vectors for molecular medicines;   nucleation and oligomerization of neuron-degenerative diseases related protein-protein aggregation; design, synthesis and assembly of functional macromolecules;  dynamics and structures of polymer solutions and gel networks; and molecular characteristic properties of intractable and special polymers. Very recently, his main research interests have moved toward more bio-related problems, particularly in molecular medicines and chemical biology. Recently, his research interests have further moved to food science and processing by using his deep understanding in macromolecular physics, including the innovative production of dried potato rice directly from fresh potato and the vegemeats from soy bean byproducts.  For details, please refer his Website at CUHK: http://chiwu.chem.cuhk.edu.hk