Tongou Yang (Thomas) 楊童鷗

  • Fellowship in 2022 at University of California Los Angeles

About Dr Tongou Yang’s work

Dr Tongou Yang’s research in mathematics focuses on two separate topics of harmonic analysis, namely, fractal geometry and decoupling theory.

A fractal is a complex pattern that typically takes a highly irregular shape. Nature shows us many fractal-like patterns, such as snowflakes, ferns, and trees. As one zooms in, fractals often exhibit self similarity. Dr Yang studies the relation between the size of fractals and the geometric figures contained within them.

Decoupling theory is a branch of classical harmonic analysis, which deals with functions formed from the superpositions of sinusoidal waves made up by different frequencies. Decoupling studies the behaviour of functions when their frequency is localised to a small neighbourhood of a geometrically significant shape.


Dr Tongou Yang is a Postdoctoral Fellow in Mathematics at University of British Columbia, where he also did his PhD. He earned a BSc and an MPhil in Mathematics from The Chinese University of Hong Kong.