Yuan (Simon) Wang 王源

  • Fellowship in 2018 at Harvard Medical School, USA

Dr. Simon Yuan Wang completed his Bachelor degree in Hong Kong Baptist University(First Hons.) and PhD in the University of Hong Kong, studying how non-genetic information is transmitted to the next generation and caused transgenerational epigenetic effects upon hypoxia exposure. After that, He received bioinformatic and wet-lab training at University of California San Francisco, using chromosome conformation capture techniques (HiC and Capture HiC) to understand the 3D human genome structure and how distal regulatory elements interact with promoters in human disease state.  To continue his education in understanding the basic mechanisms of epigenetic inheritance, he decided to pursue a post-doc in Dr. Greer’s lab at Harvard Medical School and Boston Children’s Hospital.


Dr. Wang's current research is focused on investigating an important dealkylating enzyme NMAD-1, which is essential for DNA replication, DNA repair and meiotic progression in the nematode C. elegans. He is also interested in continuing working on the mechanisms of transgenerational epiegentic effects upon environmental stresses(hypoxia and other endocrine disrupting chemicals). In addition, he drives a project on understanding how the organism transit their cellular state (unicellular stage versus multicellular stage) throughout evolution and interrogating the role of epigenomics in this process.