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Chung Ping Ngai 鍾秉毅

  • 2021 Fellowship at The Hebrew University of Jerusalem

Wong Hei Man 黃希雯

  • 2021 Butterfield Croucher Studentship at Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

Law Ka Ho 羅家豪

  • 2006 Studentship at The University of Hong Kong

Wong Chi Kwong 黃志光

  • 2005 Fellowship at University College London

Leung Bo Wah Maran 梁寶華

  • 2005 Fellowship at University of Oxford

Leung Cheung Chi 梁祥智

  • 2004 Fellowship at Paris-Sud University

Wong Ka Wai Teresa

  • 2004 Butterfield Croucher Studentship at The University of Hong Kong

Leung Kin Mei Kimmy 梁健美

  • 2008 Fellowship at Medical Research Council Laboratory of Molecular Biology
  • 2002 Scholarship at University of Cambridge