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Lau Yui Ming Mike 劉睿明

  • 2023 Fellowship at Heidelberg Institute of Theoretical Studies (HITS)

Tsui Yan Lok Enoch 徐恩樂

  • 2023 Fellowship at University of Tokyo

Xiang Zou 鄒翔

  • 2023 Scholarship at University of Toronto

Akhee Sabiha Jahan 穆安琪

  • 2019 Fellowship at Technical University of Denmark

Li Ching Man Sarah 李靜文

  • 2007 Scholarship at Free University of Berlin


  • 2007 Fellowship at Max Planck Institute for Extraterrestrial Physics
  • 2004 Scholarship at Max Planck Institute for Extraterrestrial Physics

Leung Kin Kwong 梁健光

  • 2004 Fellowship at University of British Columbia

Chow Kai Ming 周啟明

  • 2002 Fellowship at McGill University

Walter Chan 陳曉怡

  • 2002 Scholarship at Technical University of Berlin

Chan Ho Leung Terence 陳浩良

  • 2001 Fellowship at University of Toronto


  • 2000 Fellowship at University of Western Ontario