Aimin Xu

Professor Aimin Xu 徐愛民

Current position:

-  Professor at Department of Medicine and Department of Pharmacology& Pharmacy

- Director of State Key Laboratory of Pharmaceutical Biotechnology at the University of Hong Kong

Deputy Chair, Biochemical Journal
American Diabetes Association
American society of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology HBHA center, HKU

Editor: Clinical Science, PLOS One
Editorial Board member, Journal of Obesity, Journal of Diabetes, Adipocytes, Cardiovascular Drugs and Therapy Editor

Current work

Major research interest is on discovery and functional characterization of novel adipokines and hepatokines involved in the pathogenesis of obesity-related cardio-metabolic complications. Our team has identified the glycol-isoforms of adiponectin, and the FGF21-adipionectin axis in the protection against obesity-related cardiometabolic syndrome, and also discovered adipocyte fatty acid binding protein (A-FABP) and lipocalin-2 as pro-inflammatory adipokines in both rodents and humans. In addition, his work contributed significantly to the understanding of the molecular basis of adipose tissue inflammation, cross-talk between adipose tissue and blood vessels in the pathogenesis of vascular dysfunctions in obesity and diabetes. His team has developed a series of immunoassays that have now been widely used for clinical diagnostics, drug screening, clinical and basic research related to obesity and its associated medical complications.