Fellows & Scholars

 Tsang Tin Ki (Angela)
Angela Tsang is researching the neurobiology of the sensory system at UCSD.
Welcome! Here you will find almost 1000 scientists who have received awards and honours from the Croucher Foundation.
Dr Albert Wong
Professor So Chi Wai Eric
Professor Eric So is Chair Professor in the Leukemia and Stem Cell Biology Group of King's College London.
Dr YAO Wang
Dr. Yao is a theoretician working in an interdisciplinary field across condensed matter physics, quantum physics, and optical physics.
Dr Stephanie Ma
Dr Stephanie Ma works on cancer stem cells, with a focus on liver cancer. She is the recipient of a Croucher Innovation Award.
Professor Raymond Yeung Wai Ho
Prof Raymond Yeung is Co-Director of Institute of Network Coding at CUHK and distinguished for his contributions to information and coding theory.
Professor Wong Kam Bo
Wong Kam Bo won a Croucher Scholarship to Cambridge in 1993 and is now a professor in the School of Life Sciences at Chinese U.
Dr Nicolette Chan
Dr Nicolette Chan is a molecular immunologist with backgrounds in antibody engineering, cancer therapeutics and developmental biology.
Professor Kenneth Leung
Professor Kenneth Leung is Professor of Aquatic Ecology and Toxicology in the School of Biological Sciences, at HKU.
Professor Leung Suet-yi
Professor LEUNG Suet-yi is Associate Dean (Research) of Li Ka Shing Faculty of Medicine and Chair of Gastrointestinal Cancer Genetics and Genomics at The University of Hong Kong.
Dr Pak On Shun
Dr Pak is a Postdoctoral Research Fellow at Princeton University continuing his research on fluid mechanics, biomechanics and interfacial flows.
Professor Ed X Wu
Professor Ed Wu has made vital contributions to the use of magnetic resonance imaging in medicine.
Professor David Karl Banfield
Professor David Banfield is a cell biologist using molecular and biochemical studies to understand how cells manage their internal metabolism.
Dr Sam Wong
Ir. Dr. Sam Wong is Chief Engineer in Highways Dept, in charge of the reconstruction of a part of the Tuen Mun Road.
Professor Lui Chi Shing John
Professor John Lui is a computer scientist who uses a cross-disciplinary approach to study the structures and principles governing social networks.
Dr Lam Miu Ling
Dr Lam Miu Ling is a distinguished research scholar and an international media artist bringing together the cutting edges of art and science.
Dr. Lam King-Yeung
Dr Adrian Lam King-Yeung is a Croucher Postdoctoral Fellow at the Mathematical Biosciences Institute, researching mathematical aspects of theoretical Ecology.
Dr Dominic Chan
Dr Dominic Chan was a stellar student of mathematics at Cambridge and is now a highly successful entrepreneur and investor.
Dr Benny Lo
Benny Lo was a Croucher scholar and Fellow, gained a PhD in pharmacy and is a member of the Hong Kong Bar.