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Professor Shen Shun Qing 沈順清

  • Senior Research Fellowship in 2010 at the The University of Hong Kong

now Professor of Physics at University of Hong Kong Professor SHEN Shun Qing is Professor of Physics at The University of Hong Kong. Professor Shen is distinguished for his contribution to condensed matter physics, in particular his prediction of topological Anderson i...

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Dr Tuan Anh Nguyen 阮俊英

  • Innovation Award in 2018 at the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

now Assistant Professor Dr. Nguyen is originally from Vietnam. After graduation from Vietnam National University, he went to Korea and obtained his Ph.D. in Biochemistry from Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST). During...

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Tin Ki (Angela) Tsang 曾天琪

  • Scholarship in 2015 at the University of California, San Diego

now Adjunct faculty at San Diego Miramar College In 2018, Angela graduated from her PhD program at the University of California, San Diego, where she studied the neurobiology of the sensory system. She graduated summa cum laude from Arizona State University, with a ...

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Dr Ip Chi Yuen Stephen 葉志遠

  • Fellowship in 2004 at Cancer Research UK
  • Scholarship in 2002 at the University of Oxford

now Chemist at Government Laboratory Dr. Ip began his research career as a molecular biologist in the University of Hong Kong under the supervision of Dr. Frederick C. Leung, and developed his research interests in the mechanism of recombinational DNA re...

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Professor Jun YU 于君

  • Senior Research Fellowship in 2016 at the Chinese University of Hong Kong

now Professor Professor Jun YU is a Professor at the Department of Medicine and Therapeutics, Director of the Research Laboratory of Institute of Digestive Disease, and Associate Director of State Key Laboratory of Digestive...


Dr Shiu Wan Chan 陳笑雲

  • Scholarship in 1986 at the University of Edinburgh
  • Studentship in 1984 at the The University of Hong Kong

now Lecturer at University of Manchester Hepatitis C is a clinically important disease affecting 170 million people worldwide and 1% of the UK population. It is caused by the infection of a virus called hepatitis C virus. The virus establishes a life-long ch...

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Dr Vivian S.W. Li 李思頴

  • Fellowship in 2008 at Hubrecht Institute

now Group Leader at The Francis Crick Institute Vivian Li obtained her PhD at the University of Hong Kong (Department of Pathology) in 2008, where she researched the molecular mechanism of human colonic development and tumourigenesis. She received the Gold Medal Pr...


Dr Christopher Lee 李浩天

  • Fellowship in 2016 at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology

now Assistant Professor Dr. Lee received his B.Eng. in Electrical Engineering with 1st Class Honors at The University of Hong Kong (HKU) in 2009. He then served as an Instructor in a local school for two years. He obtained his Ph.D. in his a...


Dr Hing Cheong (Henry) Lee 李慶璋

  • Fellowship in 2010 at Harvard University

now Post-doctoral fellow at Boston Children's Hospital, Harvard Medical School Henry received a Ph.D. degree from University College London in 2009, where he studied a critical protein for neuronal inhibition, KCC2, under the supervision of Prof. Stephen Moss. His research at the Moss laboratory...


Dr Liu Kai Sui Joseph 廖啟瑞

  • Fellowship in 2005 at the University of Bristol

now Associate Professor Dr Joseph Liu is now an Associate Professor at Faculty of Information Technology, Monash University, Australia. He received the Ph.D. degree in information engineering from the Chinese University of Hong Kong in July ...