Aaron Sin

  • Fellowship in 2003 at Harvard University

Dr. Sin received his PhD in Chemical Engineering at Cornell University. In his Croucher Fellowship at the Center for Engineering in Medicine, Harvard Medical School, he toyed with microfluidic systems to separate various white blood cells (lymphocytes and neutrophils) as potential bed-side diagnostic devices. Fascinated by neutrophils, he transitioned to the Mucosal Immunology laboratory, Massachusetts General Hospital, where he watched them migrate across lung (A549) and intestinal (T84) epithelial cell layers in response to hepoxilin A3 as a model for pathogen elicited inflammation.

Subsequently, he joined the life science industry, focusing on the proteomics products.


Aaron is currently managing the protein biology product portfolio at Sigma-Aldrich (St. Louis, Missouri, USA). He is constantly applying engineering principles in business and education theories to marketing. His goal is to develop and commercialize protein based assays that help improve health and life.

In his free-time, he can be found editing his wife's fiction drafts in a coffee shop, or casting a line at a nearby lake.