Angel Ng

  • Scholarship in 2003 at Durham University

Angel Ng is a senior geologist / geomorphologist at Arup. She is a Chartered Geologist and Chartered Geographer with over 17 years’ of postgraduate research and consultancy experience in landslide hazard and risk assessment, and geotechnical appraisal for site developments and infrastructure projects from feasibility through planning, investigation, design and construction stages.

In 2003, Angel was awarded the Croucher Foundation Scholarship to pursue a PhD in her most favourite landslide research at the International Landslide Centre at Durham University, UK. Her PhD research provides in-depth understanding of the complexities of landslide processes in weathered materials, through integrating geotechnical knowledge and techniques into process geomorphology.

Upon completion of her PhD in 2007, Angel joined Ove Arup & Partners Hong Kong Ltd. Since then she has been involved in a variety of geomorphology and engineering geology related projects, doing what she loves to contribute back to Hong Kong. In 2013-2017, she was also appointed as a part-time lecturer at the University of Hong Kong, in Department of Geography and Department of Earth Sciences respectively.

In leisure time, Angel enjoys hiking, travel, Yoga, personal development activities, cooking and photography. 


Angel is currently based in the Arup London office (the headquarter).

Angel has been providing geomorphological and geological assessment in a variety of site-specific to large regional scale development and infrastructure projects including geohazards mitigation strategies. Her project study areas covered China, Japan, Nepal, the Philippines, South Korea, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Sierra Leone, Tajikistan, France and Switzerland.