Annie Cheung

  • Senior Medical Research Fellowship in 2014 at University of Hong Kong

Professor Annie Cheung is endowed the Laurence LT Hou Professorship in Anatomical Molecular Pathology. Currently, she is a Clinical Professor at the Department of Pathology, The University of Hong Kong. 

Professor Cheung is known for her expertise in research on gynaecological and obstetrical diseases. Her research team has contributed novel findings on genetic susceptibility to ovarian & endometrial cancers and potential molecular targets for prognostication, chemoresistance and clinical outcome. Professor Cheung’s team is one of the first to demonstrate the significance of genetic and epigenetic alterations, telomerase and apoptotic activities in gestational trophoblastic disease. In recent years, intriguing findings on stem cell transcription factors and oncogenic signal pathways were uncovered in these diseases. With integration of clinical and bench work, cutting edge technical platforms were applied by her team on cervical cancer screening, including human papillomavirus and other biomarkers.


  1. Investigation on the role of p53 related proteins in ovarian cancers and gestational trophoblastic disease in relation to disease progression and chemosensitivity.

  2. Studies on stem cell transcription factors and genes affecting chemosensitivity in ovarian cancers.

  3. Understanding of placental biology of Down Syndrome in relation to aberrant gene dosage.

  4. Evaluation of role of microRNAs in pathogenesis of cervical cancers.