Antony Chi Shing Chan 陳志誠

  • Fellowship in 2016 at California Institute of Technology
Antony C.S. Chan, PhD is the co-inventor of the 96-camera parallel microscope, capable of monitoring cancer cell and drug interactions without mechanical focusing. As a joint venture between Caltech Biophotonics laboratory and Amgen genomic discovery task force, the instrument is actively used by Amgen to study the internalization of small molecules by osteosarcoma.

Chan graduated with a BE in Medical Engineering from the University of Hong Kong 2012, and embarked on high-throughput imaging design and implementation. Later, he earned a PhD with the discovery of the super-resolution effect of an avalanche photodiode driven by a fractional pixel clock. At the time, it unlocked the industry demand of the human rare circulating tumor cell (CTC) screening system deprived of dual-use technologies. He received qusi-quantum photonics training at the Siegman International School on Lasers in 2014. He was later awarded the Croucher Postdoctoral Fellowship in 2017 to continue computational microscopy research at Caltech.

Current status

Chan is based in Greater San Diego, offering part-time consulting services to biotech startups on giga-pixel imaging, high-throughput computing, and function-oriented system requirement analysis. Chan spends his personal time tending the food garden, writing technical commentary, and building the F/6 Newtonian telescope out of Corning glass blocks.