Au Wing Yan

  • Fellowship in 1997 at University of British Columbia

MBBS (Hons) (HK) 1992, MD, FRCP (Lon, Edin)
FACP (US) LMCC (Canada)

Sir Charles Franklin Moore Award x HKCEE (1985, DBS)

John Anderson Gold Medalist (HKU, 1992)

1997-1998 Visiting fellow at British Columbia Cancer Agency, Lymphoma research.

Consultant Hematologist, Queen Mary Hospital till 2012

Chairman, HK Society of Hematology 2009-2011


Chair, Chinese Blood and Marrow Transplantation Forum

Chair, International Oral Arseinc Union

Advisor, HK Thalassemia Association, HK Society of Hemophilia, HK BMT Patient Association, HK Adult Blood Cancer Foundation.

Area of research interests (410 peer reviewed publications to date: Pubmed)  Alphabetical order

A: Arsenic therapy

B: BMT complicaitons

C: Chelation x thalassemia

D: Donor safety x BMT

E: Epidemiology of blood diseases

F: folate x cough mixture abuse

G: G6PD deficiency

H: hemophilia care