Bill Wong

  • Fellowship in 2008 at Whitehead Institute for Biomedical Research
  • Scholarship in 2002 at Stanford University

Bill's passion is to identify biomarkers that predict response of the drug in the patients. 


*Oversee predictive and prognostic biomarker strategy development, logistics, data analysis and act as point of contact in clinical trials targeting anemia,renal disease and cancer

*Design and experimentally validate a number of biomarkers for a novel anti-cancer compound through immunological activation

*Real time analysis of biomarker data in relation to other clinical endpoints to help make informed decision for any protocol amendment.

*Identify and work closely with external vendors to develop and validate biomarker assay

*Identify KOL and set up collaboration

*Review clinical protocol and provide input on biomarker prioritization and scheduling

*Engage with biostatistician to write up statistical analysis plan for biomarkers

*Supported by TD Operations for execution of biomarker sampling logistics

*Direct Ph.D. and non-Ph.D scientific staff of research scientists