Hans Chan 陳翰生

  • University of Oxford Croucher Scholarship in 2020 at University of Oxford
Hans believes that the ability to simulate increasingly complex molecules accurately on computers can herald in a new "Molecular Revolution". He is excited about the development of new computing advances and modelling methods, which when combined will facilitate researchers from different expertise to rapidly design and prototype, on computer chips, novel substances that tackle the challenges faced by humanity in the 21st century. This will have huge implications in the fields of drug design, cancer and gene therapy, solar-cell manufacture, atmospheric chemistry, and battery technology to name a few.

Since his undergraduate MSci at Imperial College London, he has been working on exploiting new Quantum Computing Technology to improve the scalability of molecular simulations. With the generous charity of the Croucher Foundation, he is taking this work to new heights at the University of Oxford as a DPhil researcher. He is aspiring towards the ambitious goal of demonstrating "Quantum Supremacy" - whereby a quantum computer outperforms contemporary computing technology in modelling chemicals.

Outside of his academic endeavours, Hans is an enterprising entrepreneur. The startup he co-founded, Matoha Instrumentation Ltd., is dedicated to addressing plastic and fabrics waste recycling using a proprietary near-infrared spectroscopic material-identification platform.