Cheung Hiu Wing

  • Fellowship in 2006 at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute

Dr. Cheung is currently an Assistant Professor at the Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine at the Medical University of South Carolina in the United States. He received his Bachelor degree of Science (Biochemistry) from The University of Hong Kong in 1999, where he joined the laboratory of Dr. Maihar Sham, a geneticist on developmental biology and the Chair of the Department of Biochemistry, and completed an undergraduate student thesis. He continued his graduate studies by joining the laboratory of Dr. Pikto Cheung, a pediatrician at the Department of Pediatrics, Queen Mary Hospital, The University of Hong Kong, and completed a master degree thesis in 2002. He then joined the laboratories of Dr. Xianghong Wang and Prof. Yong Chuan Wong at the Department of Anatomy at The University of Hong Kong to study tumor resistance to chemotherapy, and completed a PhD degree thesis in 2006. With the support from The Croucher Foundation, he was able to pursue his postdoctoral fellow training at the laboratory of Dr. William Hahn, an Associate Professor of Medicine at the Harvard Medical School and Director of the Center for Cancer Genome Discovery at the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, and a Senior Associate member at the Broad Institute of Harvard and M.I.T. Dr. Cheung focused on developing and applying high-throughput methods to perform genome-scale RNA interference screen to identify novel oncogene addictions and therapeutic targets in cancers.


Towards a comprehensive understanding of cancer biology, Dr. Cheung's research is applying integrative genomics approaches to characterize cancer genomes and to systematically study the functional cooperation of genetic alterations in transformation and the tumor response to targeted therapeutics, with the overarching goal to bring the promise of genomic revolution to impact cancer medicine.