May Man Mei Chim 詹旻媚

  • Croucher Cambridge International Scholarship in 2021 at University of Cambridge

May is currently a PhD student at the Centre for Atmospheric Science (CAS), University of Cambridge. Prior to her PhD study, May received her BSc in Earth System Science and MPhil in Earth and Atmospheric Sciences at the Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK). During her MPhil, she worked with Professor Chan ManNin at CUHK to investigate the role of water on the heterogeneous reactivity of organic aerosols.

Her research interest lies at the nexus of climate change and atmospheric science. Working with Prof. Anja Schmidt, Dr. Thomas J. Aubry and Dr. Nathan Luke Abraham at Cambridge, her research focuses on the climate impacts of volcanic aerosols on climate projections and the effects of climate change on volcanic plume dynamics. Her project investigates how global warming would impact volcanic aerosols and the resulting feedbacks onto climate and ocean, which can advance our understanding on the climate effects caused by volcanic eruptions under global warming.