Aaron Chow 周子翹

  • Fellowship in 2023 at Massachusetts Institute of Technology

About Aaron Chow’s work

Aaron Chow is a mathematician whose research work is in the field of geometric analysis. Chow’s particular interests lie in studying Ricci flow and its applications. Currently, he is working on two research projects.

The first project aims to study the existence of Ricci flow solutions on complete manifolds in higher dimensions with only a pinching assumption on the initial metric. If successful, this research could lead to a generalisation of Hamilton's pinching conjecture in dimension three.

The second project aims to obtain a certain radius estimate in higher dimensions in a region where the first eigenvalue of the operator $-\Delta + \frac{1}{2}R_M$ has a positive lower bound. This estimate was first obtained by Schoen-Yau in 1983 for dimension three and has potential applications in studying black hole formation.


Aaron Chow graduated from the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology in 2018, where he obtained a BSc in Mathematics with first-class honours. While there, he won the following: a Chern Class Talent Scholarship, an Epsilon Fund Award and (as first runner-up) a Mr Armin and Mrs Lillian Kitchell Undergraduate Research Award. He then pursued his PhD at Columbia University, where he was a Dean’s Fellow from 2018 until his graduation in 2023. He is currently conducting his research at MIT with the support of a Croucher Fellowship.