Chui Yiu Loon

  • Fellowship in 1988 at University of Cambridge

After completion of his BSc in Pharmacology from University College London, and PhD in transplantation immunology at Royal Postgraduate Medical School, now part of Imperial College London, under the supervision of Prof Richard Batchelor, Editor-in-Chief of Transplantation, Dr Chui was awarded 1851 Exhibition Research Fellowship and Croucher Foundation Fellowship to work with Nobel Laureate Dr Cesar Milstein in MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology, Cambridge, UK, on immunoglobulin gene hypermutation, as postdoctoral fellow and subsequently member of the scientific staff. He returned to Hong Kong to take up a university lectureship at the Chinese University of Hong Kong in 1991. 


Dr Chui’s research interests have been on molecular immunology, developing monoclonal antibodies to SARS viral, EBV and apoptosis-related proteins, and delineating the molecular function of an anti-apoptotic protein, BRE (BRE, brain and reproductive organ-expressed). Dr Chui's current interest is to investigate further the anti-apoptotic and pro-tumorigenic mechanisms of BRE, given that this important protein is now also known to be involved in deubiquitination and DNA-damage repair.