Chris Ngai Lam Chung 鍾毅霖

  • Scholarship in 2021 at University of Oxford

Chris is currently reading for a DPhil Biochemistry at St. John's College, University of Oxford. At the Schnell Lab, Chris is investigating the oligomerising tendency of the influenza A matrix protein. This project explores how single molecules of the M1 protein assemble into a 3D structure capable of structurally supporting the virion. Small molecules that can specifically inhibit this process can then be screened for, and potentially develop into potent novel antivirals against the influenza A virus.

Upon graduating from Renaissance College Hong Kong, Chris pursued a BSc in Biochemistry at Imperial College London. Having discovered his passion in structural biology and disordered proteins, he carried out his final year project in analysing the secondary structure propensity in simulations of the proto-oncoprotein c-Myc with Prof. Robert Weinzierl.

Continuing his academic pursuit in protein and structural biology, Chris then went on to study a MSc by Research in Biochemistry at the University of Oxford. Working with Dr. Sarah Shammas, Chris’ project focuses on the transcription factor CREB, particularly its kinetics and binding pathways with a second CREB molecule or specific DNA sequences. Looking for a project more focused in structural biology and drug discovery, he moved on to his current lab upon the completion of his Masters. Chris is also currently funded by the Hong Kong Jockey Club for his DPhil studies.

Despite his years abroad, Chris considers Hong Kong to be his one and only home. Chris aspires to give back to the city that cultivated his success to date and contribute to the scientific community in Hong Kong.