Eric Tse

  • Scholarship in 1996 at University of Cambridge

Dr. Tse is a Clinical Professor and Specialist in Haematology and Haematological Oncology. After graduating MBBS with John Anderson Gold Medal at the University of Hong Kong, he received his doctorate training at the University of Cambridge, and was awarded Max Perutz Research Prize by the MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology, Cambridge. Upon completion of clinical training, Dr. Tse has been appointed honorary consultant physician in the Department of Medicine, Queen Mary Hospital.

His basic and translational research focus on the development of novel therapeutic approach in cancer treatment through identifying potential targets and understanding the fundamental biology of cancer cell. Dr. Tse has pioneered the development of intracellular antibodies in the therapy of cancer during his early stage of career. He is currently examining the role of peptidyl-prolyl-isomerase PIN1 and investigating the therapeutic potential of arsenic trioxide in cancers. In addition to his laboratory work, Dr. Tse is also active in clinical research on lymphoid neoplasms and cancer-associated thrombosis.