Francis Lung

  • Scholarship in 1983 at University of Leeds

Dr Lung is the Chairman and CEO of LX1 Technology Limited, developing data and knowledge management solutions for companies and the CEO of Hydrotech Asia Limited, a specialist waterproofing company in Hong Kong. Before joining LX1 and Hydrotech, Dr Lung spent over 22 years in the infrastructure and utility industries. Dr Lung previously had developed power projects at PowerGen (UK) and Duke Energy (US) during 1989-1997. After that, he joined Shell to develop business opportunities relating to natural gas fired power stations, gas pipelines and LNG receiving terminals and transportation projects. In 2004, he led the value chain development of the LNG liquefaction, transportation, re-gasification and natural gas sale project from the Asia Pacific region to North America West Coast.

Dr Lung joined the Hong Kong railway company, MTR, in 2005 as the China and International Business Director, leading the effort of MTR in international project and consultancy development. Besides the Beijing Line 4 Metro, Shenzhen Line 4 Metro and Shenyang Metro Projects in China, he successfully led MTR in winning the London Overground and Stockholm Metro projects. In addition, he built up a railway consultancy portfolio for MTR in over 23 cities in the world including Mainland China, Taiwan, Thailand, Dubai, India, Britain, Holland, Australia and South America. 


Dr Lung is currently an adviser and Adjunct Professor at the Hong Kong University.  He is also a Board Member and the Vice Chairman of HKSKH Lady MacLehose Social Services Centre.