Jackie Cheng

  • Fellowship in 2005 at University of California, Berkeley

Upon the completion of his Ph.D. study, Dr. Cheng received The Croucher Foundation Fellowship and started his postdoctoral research at The University of California at Berkeley in 2005.  He spent more than 6 years to study the molecular mechanism of endocytosis in mammalian cells.


Dr. Cheng is currently studying the internalization kinetics and trafficking routes of different in-house pharmaceutical monoclonal antibodies in culture cell lines and human whole blood.  A thorough understanding of the rate of internalization, the mechanism of action, as well as the trafficking pathways of the antibody is essential to determine its efficacy and dosing.  These information are particularly useful in the understanding of pharmacokinetics-pharmacodynamics (PK-PD) data during the early phases of new drug development.  It also gives valuable insights to the R&D to design the next-generation pharmaceutic antibodies.