Jones Wan

  • Fellowship in 2001 at Princeton University

Dr. Jones Wan received his PhD in Physics from The Chinese University of Hong Kong. He was awarded the Croucher Research Fellowship in 2001 to perform his research in mesoscopic science at Princeton University. He worked at The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology afterwards and joined The Chinese University of Hong Kong as research assistant professor. His research topics cover geophysics, nano-optics, liquid crystals, and quantum optics.

In 2010, he moved to consultancy industry to become a risk and safety consultant. 


Dr. Jones Wan is now a Senior Consultant in ERM’s Global Risk Team. He works on projects and safety studies requiring Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) modelling of air ventilation, toxic and hydrocarbon gases dispersion, explosion, and fire cases for petrochemical and oil & gas facilities. He has extensive experience in various modelling techniques such as Computational Fluid Dynamics, Acoustics and Noise Modelling, Air Dispersion and Monte Carlo algorithms for a variety of studies for major Oil & Gas clients and government authorities. He also has extensive project management experience.