Justin Lok

  • Studentship in 1992 at Chinese University of Hong Kong

Dr Justin Lok is a faculty member of the SciCom group in the David R. Cheriton School of Computer Science at University of Waterloo.

He received my PhD degree from the Applied Math Program in the Department of Mathematics, UCLA. His PhD advisor was Prof. Tony Chan. After graduation, he joined the Scientific Computing/Computational Mathematics (SCCM) Program, Stanford University as a Forsythe Fellow (acting assistant professor). His postdoctoral advisors were Prof. Gene Golub, and Prof. Andrew Stuart. 


Dr Lok is the Director of the Centre for Computational Mathematics in Industry and Commerce (CCMIC). He is also on the editorial board of Numerical Linear Algebra with Applications.

Research Interests

Dr Lok's research is generally in the area of scientific computing. His research interests include numerical solutions of partial differential equations, iterative methods, and multigrid preconditioning with applications in medical image registration, cell image segmentation, tracking of cell images, computational finance, and parallel computation on high performance platforms.