Kwoli Chui, Gorrey

  • Fellowship in 2001 at University of Chicago

Dr. Chui received his Bachelor degree majored in Applied Chemistry from the South China University of China in Guangzhou and was granted a PhD degree in chemistry from the Chinese University of Hong Kong with supervision of Prof. Zuowei Xie in 2000 before working with the Hong Kong Institute of Biotechnology for Chinese medicine. During the postgraduate study, his research mainly focused on organometallic chemistry. The outstanding research results allowed him to earn the Croucher Fellowship to continue his research with Prof. Richard Jordon in the University of Chicago before moving to New Zealand, where he was appointed as a Senior Product Development Technologist with the Fonterra Cooperative Group, one of the global dairy giant who contributed 20% of the total merchandise export or 7% of the country’s GDP.

During his 5 years presence in New Zealand, besides the daily work for process and product development,  Dr. Chui was the industrial supervisor of Technology New Zealand programme for a PhD degree student with the University of Otago regarding to application of spectroscopic technique in product functionality prediction and a Master degree student with the University of Waikato for dairy process improvement.

Dr. Chui was member of the New Zealand Local Chapter of the Controlled Release Society, member of the New Zealand Organisation for Quality. Besides business and management disciplines he is now studying medicine on part-time base. 


In 2008, Dr. Chui accepted an offer from Lonza Guangzhou Nansha Ltd which is the subsidiary of a Swiss listed pharmaceutical company specialised in API (active pharmaceutical ingredient) manufacturing. Dr. Chui plays several roles in the organisation including Operation Manager, Program Manager, Project Manager, etc. Recently Dr. Chui is the leader of a three-year duration project with a team of engineers and other cross function members for plant quality status review.