Lai, Chung Lun Alan

  • Fellowship in 2011 at California Institute of Technology

Alan Lai is a mathematician and data scientist. He graduated with a PhD from the University of Toronto in mathematics. Currently he is employed at the University Hospital Heidelberg as a data scientist, dealing with genomics and clinical data.

Since childhood, Alan has had enormous passion in problem solving and understanding the world, he started the exploration by taking his toys apart to study their inner mechanisms and later he went on to mathematics for his education. Today, he is exploring the life science world empirically from the beauty of data. Finding hints of disease causes and biological mechanisms from big data in genomics.

Other interests of his includes film photography, traveling, nature, economics, and cooking.

Next, Alan is looking to venture into a new episode of his journey, to impact the world be continued.


While working on genomics and clinical data in the hospital, Alan is preparing to launch a new project. He has an idea how the world can improve, and he is plan to bring the idea forward, to make it accessible to the everyone.
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