Lydia Lee 李宛樺

  • Scholarship in 2006 at University of Cambridge

PhD (Cantab) MSci (Hons) BA MRSC

Now Founder and CEO of Oxbridge Gateway Limited

Dr Lee holds a PhD in Chemistry from Jesus College Cambridge, where she also attained an MSci degree in Natural Sciences (Chemistry). Her doctoral thesis title was "Studies towards a total synthesis of the aplyronines as promising anticancer agents". Dr Lee is a receiver of multiple academic awards and scholarships, and is a named author of a number of scientific publications and patents. 

Dr Lee has held positions at Astex Pharmaceuticals and Domainex Limited, UK, specialising in medicinal chemistry and early-stage drug development research. Dr Lee also has extensive experience in latest biotechnology and pharmaceutical research in a number of disease areas including oncology and cardiovascular, and scientific consulting.

Dr Lee founded Oxbridge Gateway Limited in 2020, an educational consultancy which specialises in personal coaching programmes to inspire and mentor individuals to succeed in their higher education and career development. As an entrepreneur, Dr Lee draws on her extensive experience in science, business and education to drive rapid organic growth of the company. 

Dr Lee is now completing her global MBA degree at the University of London and she is currently an elected representative of the Careers Service at the University of London, a careers mentor at Jesus College Cambridge and at the Royal Society of Chemistry. Dr Lee is also a member of the Chartered Management Institute and the Royal Society of Chemistry.