Michael Lyu Rung Tsong

  • Senior Research Fellowship in 2008 at Chinese University of Hong Kong

Professor Michael Lyu Rung-Tsong is Professor of Computer Science and Director of Video over InternEt and Wireless (VIEW) Technologies Laboratory at The Chinese University of Hong Kong . He is distinguished for his contributions on Software Reliability Engineering and Software Fault Tolerance. He was the first to propose a design paradigm for N-version programming for fault-tolerant software. He has formulated a number software reliability modeling techniques widely used in the industry. He was also among the first pioneers to demonstrate effective applications of software reliability models for large-scale software projects. Professor Lyu research areas include software engineering, distributed systems, service computing, data mining, machine learning, social networks, and multimedia information retrieval.  He is an IEEE Fellow, an AAAS Fellow, and recipient of IEEE Reliability Society 2010 Engineer of The Year Award.


(1) Software reliability engineering including software testing and service reliability engineering.  (2) Distributed systems including service-oriented systems, cloud computing, and mobile computing.  (3) Intelligent systems including data mining, location based services, information retrieval, social computing, and big data.