Ng Kee Pui Dennis 吳基培

  • Scholarship in 1990 at University of Oxford
  • Studentship in 1988 at Chinese University of Hong Kong

Dennis Ng studied chemistry at The Chinese University of Hong Kong, where he obtained his BSc with first class honors in 1988 and his MPhil in 1990. He then received the Croucher Foundation Scholarship to pursue his DPhil in Inorganic Chemistry at the University of Oxford during 1990-1993. He became a Research Fellow in Chemistry at the California Institute of Technology before returning to his alma mater in 1994. He is a Fellow and Chartered Chemist of the Royal Society of Chemistry and a Chartered Scientist of the Science Council, UK. He has published more than 250 publications in international journals and received a number of awards in teaching and research from the University, including the Faculty Exemplary Teaching Award (in 2000, 2009, 2013, and 2020), Vice-Chancellor's Exemplary Teaching Award (in 2009), and Young Researcher Award (in 2005).


His current research interests lie in the chemistry of functional dyes, particularly phthalocyanines and boron dipyrromethene derivatives, focusing on their synthesis, supramolecular chemistry, bioconjugation, bioorthogonal chemistry, and applications in photodynamic therapy, bioimaging, fluorescence sensing, logic devices, and renewable energy production.

The ongoing projects include:

  1. Design and preparation of multifunctional molecular and nano-photoresponsive agents for targeted phototherapies
  2. Use of supramolecular and bioorthogonal chemistry for advanced theranostic applications
  3. Development of efficient peptide and protein conjugation methods
  4. Development of molecular-based fluorescent sensors and logic devices
  5. Synthesis studies and applications of low-symmetry phthalocyanines
  6. Exploration of phthalocyanine-based materials for CO2 fixation, water splitting, and batteries