Phillip Yam 任尚智

  • Scholarship in 2003 at University of Oxford
  • Scholarship in 2001 at University of Cambridge

Professor Phillip Yam is currently a faculty member in Department of Statistics at Chinese University of Hong Kong. He holds both a Bachelor's degree in Actuarial Science and an MPhil degree from the University of Hong Kong. He obtained an MASt (Master of Advanced Study) degree in Mathematics, Part III of the Math Tripos, from University of Cambridge. He also graduated with a DPhil degree in Mathematics from University of Oxford. More details on academic awards, achievements, honors, visiting positions, and research grant awards can be found in his Departmental personal homepage.


Basically, he is a working mathematician with a diverse interest in different cross-disciplinary research in mathematics and its various applications. His current research interest is in probability theory and stochastic analysis, geometric analysis, mathematical physics, actuarial and financial mathematics, financial economics, real estate economics, behaviour finance, nonlinear control theory, asymptotic analysis in statistics, biostatistics. More details can be found on his Departmental personal homepage.