Puiman Ng

  • Scholarship in 2008 at Newcastle University

Puiman Ng received her degree of Bachelor of Science in Mathematics in the University of Leeds, England, in 2007. Afterwards, she undertook her PhD study in Mathematics under the supervision of Peter Jorgensen in the University of Newcastle upon Tyne, England. She was most grateful to the Croucher Scholarship awarded in 2008, enabling her to attend to her studies with no financial worries. She finished her PhD in Mathematics in 2011, with her thesis entitled Torsion Theories and Auslander-Reiten sequences.




She is currently a postdoctoral fellow in Université de Sherbrooke, Québec, Canada. Her interests in Mathematics remain in Representation Theory in Algebra, and in particular torsion theories, Auslander-Reiten sequences, derived categories, abelian categories and triangulated categories.


Apart from Mathematics, her interest lies in languages, and it is her aspiration to involve both mathematics and languages in her future pursuit.