Sam Lau 劉信信

  • Fellowship in 2000 at University of Cambridge
  • Scholarship in 1997 at University of Cambridge

Sam is Principal Lecturer at Hong Kong Baptist University. Sam is Assistant Director of Institute of Bioresource and Agriculture (IBA). 

Sam specializes in wetland ecology, nature conservation, environment and human interaction, and health literacy. He is leading the Research Centre for Environment and Human Health and Multidisciplinary Research Centre which were established with the support of RGC funding.  

Sam is passionate about teaching and learning. He incorporates active learning strategies into his classroom and beyond to engage students in learning science. He makes science relevant and fun to students.  

Sam is an active science communicator. He believes that science communication is part of a scientist's everyday life and is also an essential part of the scientific process. Sam has been promoting science with the community. Some projects include "Croucher Science Week", "Science Tours to Schools" and "Science Communication Workshops".