Sean Hon

  • Scholarship in 2014 at the University of Oxford

After finishing his bachelor's degree and MPhil in applied mathematics at the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, Sean is currently pursuing a DPhil in mathematics at the University of Oxford. He has a keen interest in numerical analysis.


Sean's current research focuses on developing efficient numerical methods for interfacial motions and preconditioning on Toeplitz-like systems.

Both research areas play crucial roles in scientific computation. For example, accurate numerical methods are needed for modelling multi-phase flow and spiral crystal growth, and image segmentation. Since the exact solutions of these problems are often unavailable, it is of great importance to develop efficient yet flexible methods which provide numerical approximations. As for Toeplitz-like systems, they are ubiquitous in Maths and Physics: they arise in numerical partial differential equations, approximation theory, compressed sensing, image processing, to name just a few. Thus it is essential to develop preconditioners to speed up the matrix inversion that involves such system.