Steve Tse

  • Fellowship in 2013 at University of Chicago

Dr Steve Tse received his Bachelor’s degree from Towson University, Maryland. Dr Tse then studied under Professor Hans C. Andersen for his Ph. in theoretical chemistry at Stanford University and he graduated in June 2011. For his thesis, Steve studied the dynamics and diffusion of non-rotating rigid rods on a lattice using Monte Carlo simulations. Before he joined the Voth Group as a postdoc in August 2012, he was based in Colorado to work on a joint project with Colorado School of Mines, National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL), and the University of Chicago to study ion-exchange membranes.


Dr Tse studies two very different research interests; the dynamics of rigid rods and ion transfer in exchange membranes. Since graduate school, he has been interested in studying the dynamics of rigid rod molecules in solution. Another of Dr Tse's interests is to understand the mechanisms of ion transport in ion-exchange membrane, the key component in a modern fuel cell.